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Sneak Peak

Behind the scene with YongzYongz

We bring glamour to you at cost effective price. Let's take a preview of what goes on behind the scene !

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Packaging & QC process
  1. 1st QC check  at manufacturer
  2. 2nd QC check when it reaches our warehouse
  3. Final QC check before delivery
  4. Steam iron to ensure hygiene
  5. Neatly packed and boxed up
  6. Delivery will reach you within 2-5 days  

2022 H1

Planning & Design

We define our slogan as Fashion meets Quality and we standby this belief.
In first half of 2022, we take our first steps in fufiling this commitment.

YongzYongz logo (Flower of Life) is born. 

Finalizing themes & concept 

Shortlisting manufacturers who meets our strict requirements.

2022 H2


Most exciting phase where we see our idealogy taking shape. These activities happened from June onwards 

Partnership with Shopline 

Engaging Prisca Klose, our Flagship model 

QC team, Logistics, operations ready to go!


    Had a lovely experience with Yongz Yongz. The service was good, can feel a lot love and effort put into even the slightest details.
    CiCi VII
    Saw Yongz Yongz on tiktok. Was hesitate at first but the end bought 4 dresses from them >-< . The cutting, material and price is amazing guys. Thanks seller for giving discount and free delivery. Highly recommend ya
    Jin Jin
    Fast delivery, I love the small gifts
    Dresses are nice and good material too, love them alot❤
    LXR Channel